Epizòd 1 Featuring Marlene Daut

We are excited to share our new mini podcast series Epizòd with Nathalie Cerin.

“I went on a quest to learn little known stories about Haiti. So, I spoke to a group of amazing Haitian scholars and thinkers, and asked them to tell me a favorite anecdote of theirs. Now I’m inviting you to come learn with me.”

Listen to Epizòd 1 featuring Dr. Marlene Daut, where she tells us about Haitian literary history, the Mulatto’s Revenge, the Tropical Temptress & Baron de Vastey.

(Summary in English and Kreyòl coming soon.)

Graphic by: Aquarelle Creative

Original Music by: Sarah Jane Rameau





Team Woy

Team Woy

Haiti through our voices. Ayiti nan vwa pa nou.

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