Haitians Commemorate the 2010 Earthquake with #12JanvyeMDeside

This post is also available in: Kreyol

This post is also available in: Kreyòl

Woy Magazine invited you to share the decisions the tragic earthquake of January 12, 2010 inspired you to make. Haitians and lovers of Haiti from all over shared their initiatives, resolves and stories. We would like to thank all of you for sharing. Your stories are inspirational and powerful. #12JanvyeMDeside (January 12th, I Decided)

Here are a few of the posts shared with us today via Instagram and Twitter that touched us:



On Dec 31st 09, I took a red eye connect flight and spent New Year's Eve in the air, while I was going to Haiti for a funeral, I was still excited to go back home…on January 10th I flew back home to NYC…on January 12th the unexpected happen…we all cried, worried, waited with anxiety and expectation of the worst and the best news. I always knew I wanted to start a charity since 08' but after the earthquake I felt despair and discouragement… It would take me a whole year and half to return to Haiti… At which point nothing much had changed… I visited tent cities, a school and an orphanage in July of 2011 and interviewed countless people still struggling to get their basic needs met… Food, shelter, and access to clean water. I sat in my grandfathers house that night and started jotting down ideas…. Dlo Pou Viv was born… With the help of family and friends we began to build the organization from the ground up. While the earthquake sparked my actions, the issues were there before the earthquake… While a lot of people may have their opinion on humanitarian/NGO work being hand outs, I think it's time for us to celebrate and support the work of grass roots organizations that offer a hand in… And that means one thing : Sustainability. Working together with the communities, and helping them help themselves. Everyone doesn't have to start a foundation or a charity, everyone doesn't have to want to go back home… All of us dream differently but I'm here to say that no matter where we are in this world as a diaspora, Haiti lives within us. And it is our job to make sure we do something, anything for a better tomorrow. That's my story… I remember Haiti, do you?! #WeRememberHaiti #12JanvyeMdeside #Marchontwelve #Cloackinc #HaitianBusinesses #Travelnoire #NomadnessTribe #DloPouViv #TeamDloPouViv

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(#12JanvyeMDeside that I will not be just a spectator only complaining about everything bad. Change starts with me, and my brothers and sisters.)

(#12JanvyeMDeside to work to bring effective popular communication to Haiti.)


(#12JanvyeMDeside apply my knowledge and competence in service of Haiti and my fellow Haitians, to fight for my country and help it advance.)

(#12JanvyeMDeside to reach my hand out to you, believe in you, support you for another Haiti.)


(#12JanvyeMDeside to understand that you and I are not alive today by chance, but as a responsibility, an obligation that life has given us to change tomorrow.)


#12JanvyeMDeside “I Started online classes to teach sewing skills for free to help anyone who was displaced, or needed a way to generate funds. My classes are geared [towards] people who only have needle and thread, home sewing machines, and if you owned an industrial machine professional sewing finishes to make your item more sellable.”                  – @nit_ra via Instagram. 


#12JanvyeMDeside “We started Belle Vue Tours to share our history and culture while also helping some of us find our way back home to take part in her development.” @bellevuetours via Instagram.

#12JanvyeMDeside “…I’ve been working to bring a tech company to Haiti, and that’s just what I intend to do to honor those who lost their lives and to create a new way for the survivors and the upcoming generation. Those who lost their lives will not be forgotten. Ever. I honor you and all of our acestors. Ayibobo!!!” – @toussainttech via Instagram. 



Join us with your own #12JanvyeMDeside pledges in the comments below.





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Photo by: Samuel Dameus



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Team Woy

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