Haitian Stars that We Discovered on “Konkou Chante Nwèl”

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There was a time in Haiti where there was no Christmas without Konkou Chante Nwèl on Telemax. We discover many musicians in front of that Telemax Christmas tree, many of whom have now either gone in different musical directions, or are now superstars in the Haitian Music Industry. Here is a list of a few of them:

Ti Ansyto

Before Top Digital. Before Kreyol La. Before “Maestro” :


Before “Ayiti Bang Bang.” Before the big split. Before Kaï: 


 Before Mika. Before Krezi. Before Konbeat. Before that short stint in Carimi: 

Barikad Crew

Anvan yo te pote T a

Salina Charles 

Before winning the Digicel Stars competition:

Roosevelt Jean Noel

While he was in Alabanza. Before joining Krezi:

Stanley George

Before his solo career. Before Krezi, and then going back to his gospel roots: 


(Shout out to the plug, Emmanuel Read for uploading all of these gems to YouTube!)

Team Woy

Team Woy

Haiti through our voices. Ayiti nan vwa pa nou.

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