“Florida Water” Recreates Filmmaker’s Memories of Haiti

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It’s a visual collage of memory and imagination 

Numa Perrier, Haitian-American filmmaker, actress and cofounder of Black&Sexy TV recently screened her short film “Florida Water” at the 2015 Art Basel in Miami. In 6 minutes, Numa Perrier has given birth to a memory from an old faded photograph of her mother in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The photo shows Perrier’s mother at a traditional ceremony, standing with two other women clad in red dresses. Perrier who did not meet her birth mother until she was 17 years old says she chose to play her mother “to be closer [to her] and understand her.” The combination of pieces from her memory, and what she could gather from  a faded photograph gives us a brief window into Perrier’s mind, and a breathtaking nod to Haitian culture. “It’s a visual collage of memory and imagination,” Perrier says.


This post is also available in: Kreyòl

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Team Woy

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