10 of Black Alex’s Best Songs

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“Chè zami bonswa nou zavon en nouvo stil a vou montre!!”

As soon as you heard that voice come up, you knew the song was about to take a turn, and dive into a freestyle in Black Alex’s own language. Not only was the voice unique, but it was delivered with such emotion, unashamed of who he was. He was that special spice that made KING POSSE special, but he also delivered his unique flavor as a solo artist, and on various features for groups whose music needed that extra spice. Here are 10 songs we would like to thank Black Alex for:

1- Lets go back to Baz Nomal and hang out with the guys from KING POSSE with their 1990’s swag, featuring Black Alex holding a teddy bear:

2- Now we’re going to “cool” out in this carnival song, and aziptibidiwdiw and dance with Black Alex dibidino mamamouno mamamouno

3- In 2002, he paid a visit to Mizik Mizik to deliver a message in his own invented language, swagged out in his sunglasses, doing the Leve Pye

4- Black Alex had a special way of singing to the ladies. In 2015, he serenaded Tania St Val at Chokarella, the morning show, we can find this same charm in his collaboration with Ralph Papillon.

5- Black Alex decided to preach in 2 languages (our own and his) on “Pa Manyen Fanm Lan” a collaboration with Sweet Micky.

6- Still on the topic of love, Black Alex pled “Madmwazèl je vou zèm” on Carimi’s “Ban m Pèmisyon in 2006.

7- When the situation in the country became dire, Black Alex stood with Wyclef to sing “Van Vire” because they could clearly see what that something was wrong. And Black Alex kindly asked the MINUSTAH to shut up. Minista fèmèn dan w pou m ouvè pa m”

8- Black Alex was shot, robbed, was sick, and many other terrible things in his life. Black La decided to praise despite all this in “Ba Li Glwa” with Eben Ezer:

9 – Black Alex turned up with Team Lòbèy in their 2013 carnival song, “Lòbèy sou Lòbèy”

10- Moun ki pi byen pale de tèt li se BLACK ALEX li menm. E li esplike anil pwen nan vi li nan chante sa a.




“I’m going to fall, don’t let me fall. Help me hold on. Help me hold on.”

Yes Black La, we will hold on to you in our hearts, while gently letting you go in peace.


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Jerry Boursiquot
Twitter: @Bousiko
Instagram: Bousiko
Doris Lapommeray

Doris Lapommeray

Doris Lapommeray (Pommeris) is a Haitian architecture student studying in Barcelona, Spain. Doris is a creative and lover of the arts, a painter, drawer, and jewelry maker. She playfully describes herself as a cousin of Basquiat, and niece of Erykah Badu. She is the Creative Director of Woy Magazine.

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