The 9 Most Epic #TeamPlenyen Songs of All Time

This post is also available in: Kreyol

This post is also available in: Kreyòl

Plenyen is Haitian Creole for “whining.” Team Plenyen is a term coined by Haitians on Twitter to describe all songs by Haitian men where they’re crying over women. Though at times, the tragic lyrics can get hilariously pathetic, Team Plenyen makes some of the finest Konpa songs. Here is Toto’s list of the 9 most epic Team Plenyen songs. 

Confession – Rodrigue Milien

The Godfather of “Team Plenyen” Music. No really, tell me one Rodrigue Milien’s song where he’s not complaining about something/someone! He’s responsible for this famous movement. He tops our list for many reasons! Rodrigue is a legend. He is the Haitian Casa Nova, but that didn’t stop him from creating our famous “team plenyen”.



Ou Pi la – Magnum Band

This hit song still sounds like it came out yesterday: very profound, but very strange too. Nonetheless, a lot of us can relate to this guy reminiscing over the great times he shared with his ex. Homie said even when he’s with another woman he still thinks about her!  “Byen ke m twouve yon lot cheri m panse avè w toulèjou” That’s kind of sick if you ask me, but how many of us can relate?  I really feel bad for his current girlfriend. If this is your current girlfriend or boyfriend’s favorite song, my friend you should worry!


Mwen Mouri – Djakout

*sees unknown car in my driveway*… *opens door*… *hears moaning*… Another man is  with my wife!!! … Catching your significant other with someone else in the bed you share is everyone’s worst nightmare.


You Don’t Want Me – Klass

It’s that type of relationship where you give your all. I mean body, soul, money, and you get nothing in return. 🙁


Je t’aimerai toujours – Alan Cave

If you’re over 25 and have never used one of Alan’s lyrics to get a girl, you ain’t about that life! He’s that smooth, quiet kid on the block that you shouldn’t leave your girl around. Here he’s singing about the kind of girl that you love, even if she makes you suffer. “Mwen vle w jwenn la jwa menm Si m pa la”?? Nahh, man!


Pito n pa t Zanmi – Zèklè

“…. Farinay lapli… Wap Mache pou Ou antre… M kanpe ap gade w… Bouya tap karese w … Cheve w tou mouye.. Ti kò w tap tranble…” He sounds like he’s setting the scene for an erotic-hot-grab-me-and-rip-my-clothes-off kind of moment, but nope! The singer is referring to a childhood “friend” who comes to his house to complain about her boyfriend to him. You know that awkward situation where your friend’s partner is treating her/him so badly, meanwhile you’ve been secretly in love with said “friend”? Oh, and you can’t tell him/her how you feel because you don’t want to ruin the “friendship”?  No?? Yeah, me neither. :-/


Souvenir – Arly Lariviere (NU Look)

*Sigh* …. The hardest part about choosing Arly for this list, was finding the song where he PLENYEN the least! It was practically impossible. I almost considered his whole discography to be part of my “Team Plenyen” playlist. No really, it was hard to pick “Souvenir”. Arly is, without a doubt, the current reigning champion of #TeamPlenyen.


Mwen Bouke – Harmonik

“Mwen pap tronpe w ankò…”  Haitian singers beg for their girlfriends’ forgiveness with the fervency of a Catholic praying to a saint.




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