New Music: “Ogou” by T’Dòz

This post is also available in: Kreyol

This post is also available in: Kreyòl

Woy Magazine is loving this latest single from T’Dòz! T’Dòz is the oldest son of the beloved Lòlò and Manzè of Boukman Eksperyans. Talent truly runs in this family! T’Dòz became a member of Boukman Eksperyans in 1992 as a dancer. He has been living in Geneva Switzerland since 2001, and has been the producer for most of Boukman Eksperyans’s projects since 2006. “Lâcher Prise” is T’Dòz’s debut album as a singer, combining traditional racine elements with modern innovative sounds resulting in a genre called Voodoopop. Check out the breathtaking video for “Ogou”, and make sure you go to iTunes to purchase “Lâcher Prise”!!


Team Woy

Team Woy

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