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This project has been on all of our hearts for years now. Over the past few years, through the power of social media and blogs, young Haitians and diaspora Haitians have carried out discourse about Haiti from our own perspective. Our voices are powerful. Our voices are beautiful. Our voices deserve to be heard above the muddled, skewed narrative of Haiti that has been traditionally led by international media, media that is not of us. This is our offering to our home that we love so much, so that our tweets do not remain just tweets, so that the meaningful, fruitful discussion started by our Facebook statuses can have a platform. This is a gift from Doris Lapommeray, Nathalie Nozile, Daphne Bourgoin and me to all of you.

We call this first edition our Soup Joumou Special. This online magazine is entirely bilingual (English and Kreyòl), the posts are available in both languages. Our contributors are young, fresh Haitians from Haiti and the diaspora with important and fun things to say. Happy New Year, dear reader!

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Nathalie Cerin

Nathalie Cerin is a singer-songwriter, music teacher, blogger and graduate student in Multicultural Education. She likes to think of herself as the class clown all grown up. Nathalie has a deep passion for Haiti and the arts, especially wherever these two topics converge. She is the editor for Woy Magazine.

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